Legal stuff

The point of this page is to clarify any legal issues, so i don't have to repeat them on every page
Is it legal for you to run this site, and offer URI's for files that you don't own the copyright to?
It would surprise me if it wasn't. All this site does is index files that were offered by their authors for free to the public. If that's not legal, I wouldn't know what is. All I'm doing is saving the software authors some bandwidth, and giving users a simple, uncluttered, one-click way of downloading the files.
I wrote a piece of software that you listed, and I want you to stop offering links to it!
I wouldn't know why the hell you'd want that, but I'm not judging people for being asshats. So the solution to that is very simple: You (the author, not some lawyer!) just send me a friendly e-mail asking me to remove the file, and the reason why you'd want that. I'll just remove the software then and call you an asshole. Remember that this is me being friendly, as there's no way you could legally force me to take them down. You offered the software to the public for free, you don't have to be surprised people actually redistribute it to help their fellow man.
Before you do that, let me first list what objections you may have, and why they don't make sense:
You stole my images!
No, I didn't. All images on this site are mine, except for those listed under here:
Can I use some of your images?
Sure, why not? Just don't copy the whole layout, and make sure you give me credit where it's due. If you want source files, I might be able to give them to you (unless I lost them).

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