This FAQ will answer some questions you might have. For any other questions, simply put a note on the forum. Guest posts are allowed, so you don't even need to register.
How do I download from this site?
There are several ways of using this site:
  • Recommended way: Using Shareaza. Shareaza can handle the magnet links (magnet) that are on this site. If you have Shareaza installed, it will search all the networks it is connected to for the file you selected. Pure gnutella clients like Limewire and Bearshare can be used too, but they don't work so well (you'll need to search for the file manually to actually start the download).
  • Using eMule or eDonkey. These clients can open the ed2k links (ed2k) that are on this site. Shareaza can open these too, but you might aswell use the magnet links then, as they contain more information. Ed2k links work about the same way as magnet links, but they are used only for the ed2k network.
  • Using your browser. Most files have a link to the home page, where you can find a download link for the file you're after.
Can I add files to the database myself?
Yes you can, although releases need to be approved before they're added to the site. Just use this form.
Why bother?
Even if nobody else is interested, I still have an easy way to install lots of freeware in one go. This site saves me a lot of time when doing a new Windows install. I just install Shareaza, and download the rest through G2 without having to hunt down each file seperately. As long as there's no apt for Windows, this is the next best thing.
Why do you add this site as a fixed source to all files? Are you going to upload them all?
No, I don't have the bandwidth for that. It's just to get the download starting while you're still looking for alternate sources on the network. See the freebase cache page for more info.
Why does this site look weird in Internet Explorer?
I use Mozilla Firefox as a browser, and I keep to standards when developing. This means that if the site works in Firefox, it's likely that it will work in Opera, Konqueror and Safari. The only browser that doesn't stick to standards is Internet Explorer, and I have to incorporate various hacks to make sure IE works. These hacks are possible, but I give them a low priority, and I only use them if I'm certain they don't interfere with the other browsers and don't violate any W3C standards.

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